5 Minute Makeup | Makeup Tips Daily

5 Minute Makeup | Makeup Tips Daily

5 Minute Makeup

5 Minute Makeup

Beauty may only be skin deep, but beautiful skin makes a difference! Always begin your day treating the skin to a gentle cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. End each day with a well-deserved cleansing, toning, and nighttime moisturizing. Remember, you are worth the time. Take care of your skin.

Tips for a Five Minute Makeup Routine

1. Know your colors. What colors make you feel confident? What colors do you get compliments on? Are you warm or cool? Knowing what colors to wear will lessen the length of time it takes to get ready in the morning. Daytime makeup should be elegant, polished, and natural as seen in the model above.

2. Concealer: A quality corrector will be subtle and almost imperceptible. Apply a corrector with a sponge and smudge downward, making the corrector fade away. This will help create a natural finish.

3. Foundation: Your goal should be to use a foundation tone that will convert into an almost unnoticeable second skin. Always apply foundation in a direction called “combing the face.” This means you should divide the face in half. Apply the foundation downwards. Blending downwards will help to create a more natural finish by avoiding a line on the jaw. Apply a powder if necessary. Not all people need a powder. The real function of a powder is to give a matte, shine-free finish. Some people prefer a more dewy finish.

4. Shadow: Choose natural-based shadows for daytime to keep professional and elegant. Using just two tones is a safe rule for daytime makeup. Remember that you don’t want your eyes to be too jarring. Use eyeliner in a discreet tone if necessary.

5. Eyelashes: Groom and brush before applying mascara. You may want to curl the lashes to make the eyes appear more open. Once again, the less jarring, the more elegant you will look.

6. Brows: Groom. Groom. Groom. Your brows create your mood. Check for unruly hairs. Tweeze strays if necessary.

7. Rouge: Apply rouge remembering to use earth tones for a polished finish. Use your smile as a guide to create a natural blush zone.

8. The lips: Choose a liner that agrees with your lipstick. Remember to create harmony in your makeup. Fuchsia lipstick may not be the best choice for a daytime look.