Cat Eyes | Eye Makeup Tips

Cat Eyes | Eye Makeup Tips


Are you looking for information on how to do cat eyes, and not quite sure how to achieve that look? Well, you are not alone. It is a question harbored by many women, some of whom relentlessly research not only over the net but also in various libraries, at beauty parlors, and in conversations with other women. In reality, the method in attaining the cat eyes look is not rocket science. Indeed, just some simple strokes here and there can give you that cat eyes look which has been the envy of many women. Many men are attracted to women like Tyra Banks or, for that matter, Angelina Jolie just for the effect that their cat eyes create on their minds.


Step 1: Apply a light neutral base and highlight color. This has to be applied all over the eyelids using a natural hair blending brush. On the eyelid, just where the eye protrudes, apply a healthy color of deeper shimmery bronze color. Using a smaller brush, apply the color exactly on the lids, each time taking the color lightly under the eyes as well. This will give the eye a balance and create a more dramatic effect. This is the first step.

Step 2:  It is required to be soft handed when applying the crease color and take one’s own time to do it. Here again a dark color like that of a charcoal is useful. This has to be applied to the outside edges of the eyes to create a smoky crease. For this one can use a natural hair crease brush This upsweeps the color almost to the edge of the brows a little at a time, until the desired depth and color is obtained. The color has to be blended in an upward motion to crease that elongated cat eye effect.  We’re getting closer now!

Step 3:  The third step on cat eye journey is to use dark and sultry eyeliner or a black gel liner. This applies more easily, and looks much smoother than the liquid or pencil variety.  Using a small angle brush, the product is to be deposited on the top of the eyelids as close to the lash line as practicable and the liner is to be glided across the top lid, starting at a thinner stroke at the inside of the eye, while increasingly thickening the line and angling it upwards towards the eyebrow, as it slides towards the outer end of the eyes.  This will help create the cat eyes effect. Then a black pencil liner is applied on the inside of the eye to give that smoky look.

Step 4:  Ok, we are almost there; just one more step! Finish your look with some lengthening and thickening mascara and you will be ready to go! This is the final ultimate step on how to get cat eyes. Go ahead and flaunt your sexy eyes to the world!


Cat Eye Eyeliner

The first thing that you have to do is to find the perfect cat eye eyeliner for you to use. You have two options which is the liquid eyeliner or the pot cat eye eyeliner which has an angled, thin brush. The only way for you to find out which of these products will suit you is by trying them both. Only then can you decide which of them you prefer in creating your perfect eyeliner.

If you have chosen to use the liquid liner as your eyeliner partner which is allegedly the easier one to use between the two, try finding the shortest pen-tip that you can find. The shorter the pen-tip, the more control you have in making your cat eye eyeliner.

Start looking for a hands-free magnifying mirror since you will be using both hands for creating cat eye eyeliner. Start applying your cat-eye at the inner corner of your eye. Touch the pen tip barely to your lash line and drag it slowly towards the outer corner of your eye. You should be able to make the line as close to your eyelashes as possible since this would make it look more human. You would still be able to fatten it later to suit your taste.

As you get nearer to the edge of your eye, do a sort of slight flicking motion with your wrist towards your temple. It’s more convenient to have a long extended liner in doing this one since you can always use a cotton bud to get it off after some time. The important part here is in placing the wing, rather than the length.

These things should be done carefully to avoid errors and undesirable results. You should apply your cat eye eyeliner with an open eye. Doing this with closed eyes might prove to be difficult since the placement of the wing would be harder especially in estimating how it would look like if you open your eyes.

This is also true in applying eye shadows. It is advisable that you keep your eyes flexed when applying the eyeliner so that you would have a clearer picture on what you would look like having your eyes opened.

When you are done, look at yourself in the mirror with a normal facial expression. Do not raise your eyebrows. Check your creation to see if you are satisfied with the results. If you find that the wings are uneven, use your pointed cotton buds to edit your look. Pointed cotton buds are often used when you make a mistake in applying make-up. If you are contented with what you have done then you can grab your bag and go show off your new cat eyes.

The steps in applying cat eyeliner when using the brush-and -gel pot type is also similar. For a more convenient application, find the smallest bristle brush that you can find.

Try not lifting your eyebrows to have a better access to your lash line or eyelid in applying cat eyeliner. You would not want a surprised look on your face, which sometimes happens when you lift your eyebrows as you apply.


How to Get Angelina Jolie Cat Eyes

A diva and trendsetter in the world of make-up, people yearn to get Angelina Jolie cat eyes. There are many reasons why people are so eager to take beauty tips from. For one, she has a flawless face – so much so, that she looks good even without makeup. And even when she wears make up, she has two prominent, features: her lips and her eyes. Angelina Jolie was born with distinctive eyes which she is not shy to accentuate. These eyes are called “cat eyes” in makeup parlance and they are a prominent feature of her beautiful face. In order to accentuate her eyes she wears cat eye liner make up.

How to Get Angelina Jolie Cat Eyes

To the eyelids, Angelina Jolie applies a pearly neutral taupe or nude eye shadow from the lid to the crease. Then she swipes a touch of this along her lower lash line For the crease, she uses a medium brown or light gray eye shadow from corner to corner. Use of a nude or cream eye shadow sparingly on the brow bone helps to accentuate the cat eye look. For the eyeliner, Angelina uses two different shades for this look:

•A black charcoal

•A dark brown

Angelina Jolie uses either or both and they can be in the form of a wet powder or pencil eyeliner. Starting with the dark brown eyeliner, she lines the entire eyelash, top and bottom, with the most delicate line that she can achieve. For this, she aims her brush or pencil at the top eye lash line from underneath and at the lower lash line from above. Use a dotting motion with a very light touch. This will restrict the color just in between the lashes.

With the charcoal or black eyeliner, Angelina Jolie goes back and aims the pencil or brush at the upper eyelash from above. Commencing from ¼ to 1/3rd of the way, in from the inner corner, Angelina widens upwards at the line as it progresses toward the outer corner. The further you get from the outer corner of the eye, the wider the line gets, giving that cat eyes look.

Angelina Jolie finishes this by lightly lining the lower lash line, with the black or charcoal or black eyeliner. Beginning at the outer corner, she stops at ½ to 1/3rd of the way across. This lower line can be blurred a little with a sponge, but the brown eyeliner is to be set first with a little face powder, patted on using a sponge.

She defines her brows with a powder or pencil in a shade just slightly darker than the hair color. You can start by defining the arch and then fill in the rest as necessary.

One other process she does is to curl the eyelashes and coat with black lengthening mascara. Angelina applies single false eyelashes at the outer corners of the upper lids. This does add a little drama, but you have to practice applying it before it is actually done. Now look in the mirror at your perfect Angelina Jolie cat eyes!



cat eye makeup

cat eye makeup

Like a beautiful painting whose frame has to be matted, sometimes, to focus on the beauty of the painting, the eyebrow has to have a proper frame to enhance the beauty of the eye. It is said that “THE EYES HAVE IT”. The majority of beautiful faces lie in the eyes. Picture the faces of Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks, Aishwarya Rai, etc. These are gorgeous faces enhanced even more by their cat eyes. Elaborated in this article is a step by step cat eye make up tutorial


Getting “cat eyes” is no big deal and it does not take much to use some strokes here and there to give the look that the above mentioned Hollywood divas possess. Below are some basic steps in this cat eye make up tutorial. It is designed so you can attain that look in a short amount of time. The items required are: a liquid black liner of one’s choice (prescriptive), wash of a neutral low shimmer color of one’s choice, semi-matte darker brown for the crease, and highlight color of one’s choice. The brushes required would be Brush nos. 239, 219, 266/209. Here is a step-by-step cat eye make up tutorial:

• Start with a clean eye-space; if there is a need to fill-in the eyebrow, then it has to be done now. (Or later).

• Apply the wash of neutral eye shadow onto the lid, using a fluffy eye shadow brush (like the 239)

• Pull it outwards to cover the entire lid area.

• The color here should be lighter than the normal lid color.

• Apply some highlight color starting below the lower portion of the brow.

• Pull the brow outside along the underside of the brow, following its natural arch.

• Using the 239, apply the semi-matte deeper brown into the outer crease.

• Pull the brush outwards towards the outermost portion of the crease.

• Go back and gently brush out the crease color to blend it a bit.

• Now with the liquid liner, using the applicator that it came with, apply a fairly thin line along the upper lashes.

Cat Eyes | Eye Makeup Tips

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In case if you do not like the applicator that comes with the liquid liner, you may want to try out a fine-pointed liner brush like the 209 or the angled variety like the 266. If one tilts the head up and look down at the mirror, your lid will close enough to allow you to get close to your upper lash line, while still being able to see. In case of too much liquid liner on the brush, just wipe a bit of the excess on the back of the hand-less is more is to be remembered here.

Guess what? You are finished! Grab a mirror and look at your eyes. You should be amazed and it took no more time than it takes to get up in the morning, shower, and get dressed!