Enhancing Your Beauty with Proper Eye Makeup Application | Makeup Tips Daily

Enhancing Your Beauty with Proper Eye Makeup Application | Makeup Tips Daily

Enhancing Your Beauty with Proper Eye Makeup Application

Enhancing Your Beauty with Proper Eye Makeup Application

The application of the proper eye makeup is a requirement for all women who desire to improve their natural beauty. Doing this makeup procedure properly would help you to conceal minor flaws or blemishes within the eye area making you feel more confident about how you look. It is not a secret that using the right make up in the eyes can greatly highlight your facial features and define clearly your pleasing facial attributes. Besides a nice pout, brilliant and well-defined eyes can make you really attractive and charming. However, it is also undeniable that not all women are confident in applying eye makeup. Most women are still unaware on how to do it properly. But there is no reason for you to be sad because patience in learning combined with practice and a few trial and errors would be your first steps in getting the look you want particularly by paying attention to the eyes.

The first concern that you need to deal with is to figure out the eye look you need to aim for. You have to make sure that the whole look would be appropriate and would blend well with the entire look including your skin tone and the other facial features for you to arrive at a very harmonious and pleasing appearance. In order to accomplish this without much difficulty, you have to learn some useful techniques about the eye makeup application procedure.

First, you need to apply concealer so as to achieve a smooth look. This would also ensure a long lasting eye makeup. All you have to do is apply the concealer on the entire eye area, making sure that you cover dark under eye circles. To achieve a really smoothen look; you can simply dust on a layer of translucent powder. This would also prevent obvious crinkling of the eye makeup.

Next would be choosing the proper eye shadow that would accentuate the eyes. Before application, you should have established a plan on what colors to use depending on the occasion, time of day, your skin tone, hair color, and of course the color of your eyes. During the day, you can rely on earthy tones with matte textures blending appropriately with your skin tone. Dramatic eye makeup using deep pink shades with silver shimmering accents would be appropriate for evening gatherings.

However, before you apply the eye shadow, you need to make sure that you have already applied foundation on the eyelids underneath a layer of face powder. Again, this would help create a smoother look and promote easy and even blending of the colors that you would use.

When done with the eye shadow and you liked what you saw, it is now time to define your eyes better using eyeliner. Applying a thin line close to the eyelashes would be enough for a simple but well-defined look for your eyes while thicker and darker eyeliner would be ideal to achieve a more dramatic eye effect.

After the eyeliner, the next step is to make your eyes more beautiful by means of the mascara. Using the mascara would create an additional line of contrast with the applied eye shadow, which would result to a more enhanced look to the eye. For night parties, you can add gold or silver dusting for a shimmering effect.

Learning how to apply eye makeup on you can be a fun experience. The choice on what to use basically depends on your own preference. However, it would be nice if you will try to experiment so as to find out what really looks best on you.


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