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Eye Make up Tips

Eye Make up Tips

Eye make up can be a tricky thing to master. When I first started getting to the age where I was allowed to wear the stuff to school, my mom never allowed me to wear eyeliner. Being rebellious, once I got to high school I wore a ton of it. Probably too much, in fact, although hindsight vision is always 20/20 and at the time I thought I looked really cute with my raccoon eyes. I learned a lot about eye make up from those teenage magazines with pictures of shirtless television heartthrobs in them, but they seemed to leave some very important parts out.

Always check your concealer blends into your foundation, matching the same tone as your skin. The secret is to go for colour-correcting make-up. If you have blue around your eyes, choose peach tones; if red, go for yellow.When using a concealer, choose a lightweight moisturiser (gel-like hyaluronic acid eye creams are perfect) to keep your skin looking fresh. Panda eyes will only enhance dark circles. If you end up with black panda eyes, it may be due to the shape of your lashes.

As an added attraction many of us have that slightly slanting shape to our lids and the immediate area surrounding our eyes that enhances our female allure and mystery. Forget all those beauty pundits that are telling women what color eyeshadow or liner they should be using to accentuate this skin tone or that eye shape. Their prognostications are aimed at their own bottom line and that is their self-importance and keeping that profitable job in the media or PR without so much of a thought for any minorities.

If there are no skin blemishes there may be no need for foundation. Apply cream concealer using a concealer brush on the eye lids and under the eyes followed by applying foundation where needed only. When applying powder to an area around the eyes, for reducing shine and setting the concealer, use a sponge and not a powder puff. A sponge will allow you a finer application and not allow powder to set in wrinkle lines (which creates a “plastic” artificial look). This is especially true for mature skin.

Then add some baby pink blush just to the apples of your cheeks. Using a brush the same size of the apples of your cheeks works best. Smile and place your brush against your apple. Does it look too big, too small or just right? You’ll be able to tell when you’ve got it right. Tap the excess blush off and tap it onto the apples of your cheeks. It’s easier if you’re smiling while you do this. Dust your brush off on a piece of tissue then gently blend the blush back towards your ear a bit.

Most mascara come in a tube that has a brush within its tube. But nowadays, there are many variants coming up. Some have lengthened brush bristles while others have bristles made of finer materials. The Jan Marini Intervention Mascara is on of the hot picks of the season. It has conditioning agents that gets you natural looking eyelashes that are not only dark and long but are also conditioned to prevent any dryness or breakage. Moreover, it is smudge-proof so that you can afford to be a little careless with it on. Just sweep the brush from base to the tip of your eyelashes and get an evenly coated spread.

To begin with the face make-over be sure you have the tools and materials ready which is your make-up kit. Then apply foundation that is suitable to your skin tone. Don’t forget to check the color of your face in daylight and be sure that it matches your neck. If there is any spot or discoloration apply concealer followed by light powder for a natural finishing look. To reshapes the brows use darkening pencil or brush up in place with a little sweep of clear mascara. Softly retrace penciled area (from lashes outward) with black eye shadow. Remember to make sure that the eye shadow is not so thick but just right for your eyes to be a little outstanding.

Select a foundation that matches your skin tone and is appropriate for your skin type. If you tend to break out, look for oil free, non comedogenic cosmetics. Apply moisturizer before your foundation for a smoother look. Use a sponge and apply foundation in a downward motion from the forehead down to the chin. If you have blemishes or dark circles, apply concealer after the foundation. Brush on loose powder to set. Apply powder using a large brush in the same downward motion.

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