Eye Makeup Ideas | Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Makeup Ideas | Eye Makeup Tips

Cute Eye Makeup Ideas

Lovers and artists are all pictured having that dreamy look in their eyes. If you would also like to achieve that look, read on to find out tips on transforming your ordinary eyes into dreamy stunning ad beautiful ones that will surely dazzle anyone who would see it.

These cute eye makeup ideas start off by outlining the eyebrows. This will make your eyebrows appear strong. Now, dreamy eyes are perfect for people who have light green, light blue, light yellow and light brown eyes. If unfortunately, you do not have this eye color, you can always use a contact lens.

For women who have light skin, start applying light pink shade of eye shadow around the eyelids. For those who have dark skin, pink will not be the color for it may not be noticed. What you should apply is dark cream eye shadow. For your under brows, you would need to apply a darker shade of color than the one you used for your eyelids. In order for you to shade your eyes within the right area, clearly draw a line from one corner of your eye, up to your eye brows and then to the other corner of the eye. You can extend a little from the line you drew if you feel like it.

When it comes to cute eye makeup ideas, remember that you should choose a color that will compliment the shape and the color of your eyes. If you have brown eyes, the right eye color for that is in the family of brown such as bronze, golf and caramel. You can also go for the family of rose for that also compliments brown eye color. The general rule for eye shadow is that light colors highlight while the dark color are use to recede some areas. Use the lightest shade as your base color. The base will hold all the colors you plan to put on and it will prevent the color from creasing also.

Other cute eye makeup ideas are the color choices. In order for you to achieve that kind of look you want, you must have all products available for you to use. You should have different colors of eye shadow, black/dark brown/white eyeliner, mascara and eyelash curlers. Sometimes, you can even apply fake eyelashes if you really want a dramatic look in your eyes. You can use dark brown fake eyelashes for morning affairs while you can go for the thick-lined black fake eyelashes for your evening events.

If you want to add sparkle to your eyes, use a shiny base. For your eye shadow, if you have small eyes, you can brighten up it up and really achieve that dreamy and well rested look by applying light colors on your inner lids and dark colors for the outer part. Now if your eyes are already protruding, you can reverse the order. Apply dark colors around the eyelid while reserve the light colors for the outer part.


Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

eye makeup3People with brown eyes posses a more earthy tone on their face. Brown eyes give a unique aura and drama to your facial feature with the richness of being warm. And certainly the song “Brown Eyed Girl” popularized these set of eyes. Still, some with brown eyes are just not satisfied with what they have – thinking that they are too simple and bland. In reality, having brown eyes is far from being bland or boring. In fact, it looks quite exotic and expressive. Women with brown eyes may be the most fortunate for there are a lot of eye makeup ideas that goes well with brown color. Below are eye makeup ideas for brown eyes.

For the more obvious part, earth colors really go well with brown eyes. Earth colors are composed of browns, bronze, mocha, gold, taupe and spice colors of all variation. That is if you want to look beautiful yet natural. However, if you want your eyes to dazzle people, go for colors that will have contrasting effect with your brown eyes such as pink, purple, indigo or peach. The color you would use should depend upon the occasion and upon your personality. As always, in order to finish off, you also have to apply the right color of mascara and curler to complete the look you are going for.

Here are some more eye makeup ideas for brown eyes: Daytime makeup should generally be subtle. This is the time when you have to go to the office or if you are a stay at home mom, daytime is the time to go out for chores, like go to the grocery store for example.

During weekends, daytime is time for picnics with the family and going for lunch dates with friends. Your make up during the day should start off with a matte foundation that blends with your skin tone. For your eye make, use a neutral shade as your base. Next, choose a subtle color and apply that to your upper eye lids up to the crease line. The desired effect is to brighten up your eyes. If you are using shades in rose, choose peach or light pink. If you are using the brown family, choose caramel or bronze. To finish off your eye make, use a light brown eye liner and apply mascara.

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As for other eye makeup ideas for brown eyes, nighttime is the time of the day when you go for dramatic eyes, especially for that extraordinary date you have been waiting for in weeks. For night time makeup, you can use heavier foundation although it still should blend with your skin tone. For your base, add shimmery neutral base in order to make your eyes sparkle. After that, highlight your crease line with a dark hue such as dark purple or mocha. Blend that shade to your upper and lower lids and top it all off with black eyeliner and mascara. Add color to your cheeks by using a sultry tint like peach or apricot. Your lipstick should not be too dark for it will avert the focus off your eyes.