Eye Shadow | Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Shadow | Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Shadow Makeup Tips

There are many things make up can for you. For instance, it can make a statement on the way you look. Although you might have tired eyes, you can hide this or lessen how tired they look with the use of make up. Aside from this, you can also change the way your lips look with make, enhancing its features making it more alluring. Thus, it is important to select the appropriate make up to use. Most of the time experts advise that the make style should specifically match the occasion. When going to work, you can opt for a very modest and natural look, whereas smoky eyes will definitely be good when hanging out with friends. Although putting on make up may be a bit confusing, you need not worry because this article will just give you the right tips when it comes to applying make up.

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Whether the purpose of your make up is for day time or night time, the first thing to do is to apply the eye shadow. You have put on an eye shadow as a primary base so that your lids can further enhance the freshness of your look making it last longer. What is important is that you know how to properly put on eye shadow; this can truly enhance and accentuate the natural look of the yes. Eye shadows can also provide definition for the distinctive shape of the eyes along with enhancement of the color. A person can have the liberty to create different and unique looks if they experiment with eye shadow. Here are some ways wherein you can create a look and personally see which one can suit you best.

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In order to achieve a look like you have wide set eyes, you can apply a light to medium colors of eye shadow to the region around lid. After this you can put on a darker color to the outer 1/3 of the area by the lid. You have the option of applying more and extending the eye shadow slightly past your eyelids. This is dependent on your preferences. Use your fingertip to mix both the light and dark colors in order to soften the edges of the make up around the eyelid. You can slightly extend the outer edges of the eyes with a use of a pencil or eyeliner. In order to give a natural look to the eyes, you can apply mascara to your lashes. You should make it a point to only apply sufficient mascara, be careful because you might just overdo it.

Another good thing about eye shadows is that although you might have eyes that are set wide apart, it lets you create that illusion and actually enhance your appearance by making them appear closer to each other. To create this effect, you can use medium to light shade, ideally a lighter one on your lid area. The inner core of your lids should be painted with the darker shade and draw this out with the use if fine line near the crease of the lid. The dark shade provides depth to the whole look making your eyes appear nearer to each other. With the right knowledge, you can create different illusions with the eye shadow.