Freelance Makeup Artist – The Basics | Makeup Tips Daily

Freelance Makeup Artist – The Basics | Makeup Tips Daily

Freelance Makeup Artist – The Basics

Four Tips To Great Big-Night-Out Makeup

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The weekend is coming. And along with that impending sense of “ahh” we all get when Friday rolls around, it’s likely that this weekend or maybe a weekend coming soon in the future will feature at least one social event that requires us ladies to up our usual routine. Maybe it’s a friend’s wedding or a school reunion. Maybe it’s a long-awaited date night.

Either way, it’s one of those big nights out when you want to look your best from head to toe. Amongst finding the perfect outfit and the perfect shoes to go with it, don’t forget about your face!

Here are four tips to follow to make sure your face compliments what you’re wearing and is always appropriate for the event you’ll be attending.

Don’t go matchy matchy – The cardinal rule with makeup is to balance it against your outfit, not match it up. In other words, if you’re wearing a red dress, steer clear of red lipstick and lots of rouge. Instead, try a simple look against bold colors. Subtle, pretty eyes and just a touch of gloss go best with bold clothing or an outfit that makes a statement. Go for old Hollywood glam instead of grandma’s makeup drawer!

Play up simple – If your dress or outfit consists of simple colors and patterns, look at it as your chance to really have fun with your makeup. A white tank top, jeans, and heels never made date night look hotter than when topped with bold, come-hither eyes. If it’s night time, try fun colors like teal or violet and don’t be afraid to add falsies or thick liner for an extra sexy effect. Whether you’ve been with him 20 minutes or 20 years, he’ll be intrigued!

Consider your surroundings – If it’s a daytime wedding in the sun, the last thing you’ll want is to have a melting face just as the bride is making her way down the aisle. Use lightweight coverage face makeup or just a tinted moisturizer. Put a primer on before applying eye makeup to make sure things stay in place. And pack your purse with blotter papers for quick and easy touch-ups.

KISS – Know what that means? Keep It Simple, Silly girl! (Ok, so that’s KISSg, but you get my meaning) No one wants to lug their entire makeup kit along when it’s time to hit the dance floor. Choose long-wearing makeup that requires little touching up and stow just a few things in your handbag like a lipstick and a small tube of concealer for trouble spots. You’ll have fewer worries and you can take that cute, miniscule bag you love.

Now, go be gorgeous! And most importantly, have fun. That’s what weekends are all about.

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