Guide to Autumn Makeup | Makeup Tips Daily

Guide to Autumn Makeup | Makeup Tips Daily

Guide to Autumn Makeup

Good Tips to Apply Makeup Like a Professional

Lots of people think that if you are a makeup artist, you can apply a makeup perfectly. Skill is not everything. A makeup artist always has to improve his techniques and tricks with which can make a woman like you look wonderful.

Next, I will outline a few great tips that you can use in your professional makeup venture.

First of all, to conceal dark circles, use a lighter color than your skin tone and pat around the dark circle, from the eye socket to the nose sides.

After a shower, use a lash curler, the warm water makes the hair easier to curl.

Even if brow powder is good for masking sparse spots, unfortunately, it is not long-lasting. To fix that problem, expanse on a brow pencil and stroke on your powder, so the wax will make the powder stay in place.

The heat makes the foundation look natural, so, after applying it and after rubbing the hands a little, press softly onto your face.

For a brighter effect, swipe on your blush and lipstick before the eye makeup. In the end, you can apply mascara, eye shadow or liner.

For nice lashes, you should try applying two mascara layers. First time start from the base of the lashes and wait a few minutes for drying. The second mascara layer contains a gel base and makes your lashes resistant and curly.

Did you know that you can make your own lipstick? All you have to do is to rub your finger on lip balm and then into a colored powder. After that, tap on your lips. You can get a shiny effect in short time. This tip is very useful, especially when you forget your lipstick home.

Lots of women want a special effect for their eyes. For that, apply a liner or a powder shadow. After that, dab liner as close to the lash line as possible, for adding some definition and illusion.

When you apply lip liner, put your elbow on a dressing table, so that you can glide the liner on a perfect free motion, like wipers.

Blue based shadows or liner can minimize the effect of tired-looking eyes, it reduces discoloration. A soft gray eye shadow fits with a blue liner. Moreover, avoid things with a reddish base, such as purple.

With these few tips you are already one step further in your professional makeup venture. Good luck!

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