Has anyone hear of “Celebrity Sexy Lips” Lip Plumper? | Makeup Tips Daily

Has anyone hear of “Celebrity Sexy Lips” Lip Plumper? | Makeup Tips Daily

Has anyone hear of “Celebrity Sexy Lips” Lip Plumper?

Guide to Autumn Makeup

With just a few days left in the summer, people are starting to shift from cool, breezy clothing to warmer pieces more suitable for the crisp weather. For women, that also means a shift in makeup styles. Since you’re dressing differently, your usual makeup styles may not work anymore—and may even clash with your new look. After all, your makeup fashion plays just as big a role as your clothes when it comes to fashion. Even with the best autumn coats and accessories, the wrong makeup can ruin an otherwise perfect look.

So how does autumn makeup work? It’s all about matching the mood, colors, and festiveness of the season. While summer makeup is casual and breezy, autumn makeup is more on the poised, elegant side. That may seem hard to pull off, especially when you’re used to dressing light. But it’s really not that complicated, and with all the makeup styles available today, there’s always a choice for everyone. No matter what your tastes, budget and lifestyle are, you’re sure to find an autumn makeup regimen that works. This guide offers a few simple tips to help you get started.

Reintroduce foundation:
Many people lighten up on the foundation during the summer, or even skip it altogether. It keeps the skin fresh during the hot days and prevents sweat-induced blemishes. But now that the heat is going down, it’s time to put foundation back into your face makeup regimen. Foundation helps the bright colors of autumn makeup blend better with your skin tone, and if you choose a good brand, it keeps it well hydrated at the same time.

If you used little to no foundation during the summer, start with something mild—you don’t want to “shock” your skin with a heavy application after months of light makeup. A tinted moisturizer usually works best. If your skin gets sensitive in cold weather, you can even use it all autumn—it’s also a good way to prep it for the winter season. Try on foundation colors in natural light, and make sure to let it dry completely before making your decision.

Lighten up the blush:
Blush and bronzer are pretty much staples in summer makeup, Since colors are kept light and nude, your face usually gets its color from the highlights provided by these two. In the fall, you’re allowed to use more vibrant colors, so you can just keep them to a minimum. You can usually find a better fit with makeup for dark skin, since they have more subtle shades. Bronzer usually works best for dark or mocha skin, while fair skin may look better with a darker blush. To apply bronzer, just give your cheeks a quick sweep with a wide brush. Focus on the cheekbones—those are the fleshy parts that bulge out when you smile. Stroke upwards and make sure to follow the natural contour of your face. Choose a shade that’s a bit darker than your natural skin tone, but still subtle enough to look natural. If you have a summer tan, this would be a great time to show it off!

Focus on your eyes:
The eyes usually take center stage when it comes to autumn makeup. This is because you’re allowed to use more vibrant shades, whereas summer was all about nudes and pastels. Autumn makeup fashion is all about celebrating the colors of the season, and the best way to do that is with creative eye makeup colors. Highlight your eyes with dark brown or black eye shadow, and use mascara to give them extra depth.

For eye shadow, try making some bold choices—take your cue from naturally occurring colors such as red, yellow and orange. If these are too bold for you, look for more toned-down shades. Rust and sienna work surprisingly well for most skin tones. Look for a color scheme that complements your eyes, or matches the colors you wear on most days.

Define your lips:
Lipstick for autumn should be about defining your lips, rather than coloring them. This doesn’t mean you should skip color altogether as is often recommended for summer. Rather, you want to use colors that look natural on your face and complement the rest of your makeup. Ditch the light gloss and lip tints you used in the summer—this is the season for full, rich-colored lips that define your entire look.

If you’re not sure what type of lipstick to use, base your choice on your current makeup regimen. One trick is to go against your dominant color scheme. If you’re using mostly browns and oranges for your eyes, look for a pale or nude shade for your lips. If you picked vibrant red or tangerine, brown or mocha lipstick may offer good contrast. Finally, make sure to use long-lasting lipstick, or dab on some translucent powder after applying to help it stay in place.

Autumn Fashion 101:
Autumn is the season of vibrant colors, crisp weather and the plaintive moods that come with the end of summer. For most women, it also signals a change in fashion direction: they have to cover up without looking frumpy, dress for the weather without losing their style. Fortunately, with all the options available today, there’s always a way around it—and the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Like any other makeup fashion style, all it really takes is a bit of creativity.

Coats are definitely a must for the season, but most women think it gets in the way of their style. That’s not necessarily true—the trick is to make it part of your look, rather than build an outfit and put a coat over it. Invest in a couple of standard-size pieces that fit you perfectly and go with everything else you have. You can also get a few “bold” pieces, such as a bright red trench coat, for days when you’re feeling extra stylish.

Fall is also a great time to accessorize. Scarves and boots are a staple for autumn, and they offer lots of ways to customize your look. You can dress in a simple black ensemble, throw on a colorful scarf and some jewelry, and you’re good to go. Footwear should complement your overall look; if you pick a fancy blazer and top, you should keep the shoes toned down and vice versa. Sometimes, even just changing the accessories can make a big difference, even if you’re wearing the same basic outfit.

Don’t forget to pay attention to makeup—after all, it’s your face that people will most likely remember. Fall makeup favors vibrant colors like rose, chocolate brown and tangerine, as opposed to the soft, nude shades often seen in summer. The focus is mostly on the eyes, with smooth strokes and the “smoky eye” look often coming into play. And make sure to always start with a good foundation. If you skipped foundation during the summer, start your regimen with a mild product such as tinted moisturizer—it’ll keep your skin from drying out as the air gets colder.

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