How to find the Mineral Makeup that can Match You Best | Makeup Tips Daily

How to find the Mineral Makeup that can Match You Best | Makeup Tips Daily

How to find the Mineral Makeup that can Match You Best

How To Do Permanent Lip Makeup – Ways To Do perfect Lip Makeup

All of you will agree that lip makeup plays an important role in entire face makeup. You can play with the cosmetics used for lip makeup to create the look you want to don. For a party look or a bolder appearance just have darkly highlighted lips and look funky. Have those nude lips to perfectly compliment your formal attire. Well, lip makeup can definitely make you look outstanding and if wrongly done, it can also ruin your looks! So eager to know about the right way to put on the lipstick, lip gloss and all those cosmetics? Here’s the right way.

How To Do Lip Makeup?

Step #1: Make the Base
Well, before you start working on the lip makeup, let me tell you that you need to have smooth and soft lips. Yes, chapped, cracked lips are a strict no-no to work on. Make sure you apply the best lip balm so as to have soft lips. Soft and plain lips are first essentials of the entire lip makeup. Now here’s how to proceed. Apply a good quality lip balm. For a long lasting lip makeup, apply a sheer layer of foundation on your lips and dust some powder. Now follow the next step.

Step #2: Using the Lip Liner
An important task is choosing a lip liner. Remember that the lip liner needs to match the color of your lipstick or it must be just a shade deeper than the lipstick. Lip liner is used to define the shape of lips. Sharpen the pencil and use it carefully to outline the lips. Remember to start from the center and move towards the corners.

Lip liner helps give a defined shape to your lips. It can also be used to give them an ideal shape, or a desired shape. Like if you love to have lifted lips, that sharp ‘V’ or a soft ‘V’, just whatever you wish to have. Lip liner is also the basic tool to make your lips look thinner or thicker than they are. Here are some useful lip liner tips for you.

Step #3: Apply the Lipstick
This is the fun part of lip makeup. So you have the lipstick, right? Red for a bright red lip makeup and nude shade for a soft natural look. Make sure you consider your complexion while choosing the shades. Get a thin brush and start applying the lipstick on your lips. Fill the defined shape with lipstick using a brush. Remember to blend the color well with the lip liner. Make sure you do not work out of the outline. For a deeper shade take a tissue paper, place it in between your lips and close them. Now remove the tissue paper and apply one more coat of lipstick.
Step #4: Add that Gloss
Lip gloss is a fave of most of the women. So here’s how to have those glossy lips. Apply it gently over your lipstick and give the best finishing touch to your lip makeup. Gloss is perfect for those who want to emphasize their lip makeup or want fuller looking lips. Remember that those with thick lips must try to avoid using a gloss.

Nowadays many women opt for permanent lip makeup, for correcting the shape and having perfect looking lips. You can also do some lip correction by rightly doing the lip makeup. To have thinner lips, apply foundation on entire lips followed by application of loose powder. Now make the outline with a lip liner just inside your natural lip line. Finish by filling the space with lipstick and blending both together. For having thicker lips, just make the outline outside the natural lip line and then properly fill in the space with a lipstick.

Use matter lipstick if you are going to add lip gloss. You can have a glossy or shimmery lipstick if you are skipping the lip gloss. One of the lip makeup tips is that you can have a trendy look by choosing a shiny lip liner and pairing it with a matte lipstick. Remember that picking the right color of lipstick and lip liner is the key to a great looking lip makeup. Make sure you have a good lip makeup remover to have those colors removed before you go to bed. This is an important part of the lips care routine.

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