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Learn the Proper Steps on How to Put on Makeup

Internet Money-Making Ideas – How About A Fiverr Alternative?

If you’re searching for Internet money-making ideas, you’ve probably heard about Fiverr. That site is a great place to offer your product or service for . However, if you want to post gigs at other prices, you have to pick a Fiverr alternative. Luckily, there are plenty of sites like Fiverr out there.

When you post a gig on Fiverr, you have to pay fees, 20%. And you have to wait 14 days, before you can ask to withdraw your earnings. If you don’t like these conditions, other sites offer better. Only downside is that they might not get the same amount of traffic as Fiverr, who was the first to get the idea.

If You Want To Post A Gig Without Fees

So you hate to pay fees? Several Fiverr alternatives operate without fees, or will only deduct the PayPal fees. Here are some of them (add .com to the name to find the site):

Gigswood will only deduct the PayPal fees. However, you can get better offer than that.

If you choose 7Freelance, they will take care that you’re paid directly to your PayPal account.

You can get the same fine service at TenBux.

GigHour charges no fees either, but you have to wait more than 15 days to be able to withdraw, what you’ve earned.

At Zeerk, you can create gigs at different amounts. If you choose , you don’t have to pay fees.

If You Want To Post A Gig For Another Amount Than

Maybe your offer is worth more? Or less? At Fiverr the price is fixed at five dollars. However, among the Fiverr alternatives, you can price your product from to 0. This is where you should go:

Gigswood: Here you can charge either , , or for your gigs.

7Freelance: The price is fixed at seven dollars at Freelance.

TenBux: Contrary of what you should think, when you see the name of this site, you can charge either five or ten dollars for your gigs here.

JobsFor10: This place doesn’t live up to its name either. You can charge , or .

Tenyt: The price is fixed at .

Gigbucks: You can charge from to 0 for your gigs at Gigbucks.

GigBux: Almost the same name as above, but here there are less choice. Charge , , or for your gigs.

Zeerk: At Zeerk, you can charge , , , or for your gigs.

JustAFive: Here you can create gigs for , or .

GigHour: Your prices can be either , , or

Hopefully, you should be able to pick a Fiverr alternative among the above sites.

If you liked this tip, you’ll love my tip about how to make fast and easy money on Fiverr or any Fiverr alternative.

And there are plenty of other tips on my blog at http://getmoneymakingideas.com

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