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Makeup Applications and Uses | Makeup Tips Daily

Makeup Applications and Uses

Makeup Application-how to Achieve a Glamorous Evening Look With Makeup

Do you want to look like a red-carpet Glamazon?  Do you want your makeup to be fabulous and have the staying power to last you through an entire evening?  Then, follow these steps for makeup application, paying close attention to the techniques described, to achieve a glamorous evening look.  This is a full-proof regimen for being strikingly fabulous at your next evening soiree! 

Mattify, Mattify, Mattify!  As with anything that is meant to last, a sturdy foundation is necessary.  On a clean face, begin with a sufficient amount (about the size of a quarter) and even coating of a mattifyier or makeup primer.  Simply apply either of these products as you would a moisturizer and allow to completely dry (about 3 minutes) before going any further.  A primer I like is Vincent Longo’s Water Canvas Base Primer, it keeps your makeup from feathering or creasing because of its water-gel base.  For a mattifyier, Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Mattifying Gel provides great results and helps makeup wear smoothly for hours.

*Tip: If you are using a mattifyier or primer, forgo a facial moisturizer to lessen your chances of uneven coverage of makeup later on. 


Use a Foundation with Buildable Coverage.  For effective evening wear, use a foundation with buildable coverage.  This technique is useful when a concealer is not used in the application process and some areas of the face need to be covered a tad more than others.  For fuller coverage, use a clean makeup powder puff or wedge sponge and work foundation into the face in outward strokes.  For lighter coverage, use a loose powder brush in the same manner.  For the best results, use both coverage techniques and dab off the excess.  My pick for such a foundation is NARS Loose Powder; it works well with this makeup application process. 

The Infamous “Smokey Eye”.  Truly, the most identifiable trait of an evening look is the smokey eye.  If you want to achieve this look quickly, but with gorgeous results, use a soft kohl pencil.  Due to its soft and malleable nature, it is easy to build up the intensity to the desired effect.  With the pencil, line the lashes, both upper and lower, and inside the eye with black kohl, next you need to gently smudge with fingers to blend.  If you are new to makeup application, use a smaller amount at first and build coverage until you are satisfied.  Remember, it is easier to put on more eye pencil than to take off excess.

   Now, continuing in the pursuit of the perfect smokey eye, it is time to address the eyelids.  For this, forgo the eye shadow and forge ahead once again with soft kohl pencils in various colors.  For women with dark eyes, use a dark green kohl pencil toward the base of the lids and a navy kohl pencil toward the brow line and delicately blend with a sponge applicator.  If you have light eyes, use a smokey purple shade on the base of the lids and a navy kohl pencil toward the brow line, blending once again, for the same effect.   A product that works well with these techniques is CHANEL Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer. It comes in seven different shades that go well with various complexions and eye colors. 

Finish with a Matte Lip. Last but not least, is a matte lip in a shade close to your natural lip color.  If you want maximum staying power, apply one coat of lipstick, blot with an oil-blotting sheet, then apply a second coat of lipstick.  This will give you great pigment with the least amount of oil and wax on your lips.  I adore CHANEL Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour for a glamorous, long-lasting lip.


So you are now ready to be glamorous for your evening out.  Follow these steps and techniques, and with a little practice, you will have a look that is red-carpet ready and lasts for hours without fading, feathering, or creasing.  Good luck and I know you will achieve this glamorous evening look in no time. 


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