Makeup Care – Simple Ways on How to Ensure Long-lasting Makeup | Makeup Tips Daily

Makeup Care – Simple Ways on How to Ensure Long-lasting Makeup | Makeup Tips Daily

Makeup Care – Simple Ways on How to Ensure Long-lasting Makeup

Makeup Beauty Products and Different Kinds of Makeup

As a woman I am very attach to cosmetics. I can not handle to go to the office with out makeup. I admit my bag has a lot of makeup beauty products which include: facial powder, lip gloss and lipstick, blush on, eye shadows, and mascara. I just hate it to see if my face is very oily or my lips are cracked. Maybe not all women have great interest of makeup beauty products but now, it seems like, if you are not using any of it, you will feel left behind.

Our facial skin is oily. It is kind of ugly and dull if we wander on public faces wearing that pale and oily faces. It will just take a simple step if you really want to learn. Whether if it is day or night, if you are at a party, or just strolling on streets, applying makeup also depends on the occasions and places.

There are five kinds of makeup to be considered: street makeup, theatrical makeup, natural or straight makeup, makeup for photography, and corrective makeup.

The street makeup is the one that is available everywhere and can sometimes cost less money. Buying street makeup it is understood you will not be singing opera under thousands of watts of theatrical lighting. Usually it is designed for light, personal, and everyday use.

The theatrical makeup on the other hand is heavily pigmented so that it does not washout under the bright lights of the stage. It will holdup under physical stress such as dancing or singing with sweaty tenors. The style will vary with the size of the stage and audience. “Intimate” theater is a small stage, close to a small audience. Makeup for intimate theater is much more normal looking compared to makeup for a large theater where facial expressions must be projected for a thousand feet.

The normal or straight makeup is best when making a film or a video. Makeup for this application is very precise because it is assumed a shot can be made weeks apart from others that will match into the scene. Just see to it that the color is steady or consistent.

Makeup for still photography follows the same logic as makeup for film and video, except for the fact that a flash is often used. Makeup for black and white photography is supposed to be very specialized.

Corrective makeup is for people who have something to hide like scars, birthmarks and other skin discoloration. For example, if you are only trying to hide a few zits, use a “cover-up” type makeup on the spots rather than overdo it with foundation.

You can freely use makeup beauty products as long as you know what you will look like after. If you think that it is good for you look in the mirror, then go for it. Mirrors never lie anyway. For sure you can erase makeup right? What is good to makeup is that, you can reapply it anytime and anywhere you want to.

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