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Makeup products ? cost is not a concern

Makeup for Acne: Concealing Scars

Acne is a formidable and upsetting condition among teenagers or even in almost all ages. Many suffer long until day their skin is clear of pimples. But many acne patients are left with disappointing aftermath when they achieve clear skin â?? acne scars. The good news is, there is makeup for acne scars to solve the frustration.

Makeup for acne balances the appearance of the skin, giving a bright and clear complexion that acne patients have waited long to achieve. There is already a wide variety of makeup for acne scars available. The greater news now is even ordinary makeup, when applied correctly, will do the job just as well.

When you have a history of bad skin it is ideal to use light, non-greasy make up products. Foundations and powders for sensitive skins, and many medicated varieties are now available almost every drugstore.

Scars lightens as time passes, but dark scars can make you feel self-conscious so then there is already a good selection of specialty makeup for acne scars -  just make sure that it is hypoallergenic.

Also keep in mind that makeup for acne scars can be just as effective as undergoing expensive treatments when it is done properly. So hereâ??s a guide to concealing those acne scars efficiently:

Wash your face thoroughly using an acne-fighting facial wash Pat the face dry Apply non-greasy moisturizer Apply a thin layer of acne ointment and wait for 5 minutes Use an antibacterial product on blemishes. Put a thin layer of makeup base all over your face Apply a slightly thicker layer of concealer all over your face Rub the concealer in well. Apply loose powder Use the loose powder for touch-ups any time of the day.

Acne may leave a deeper scar than the scar itself which may be harder to conceal â?? embarrassment. So applying the right makeup for acne and being confident about yourself is the best way to go.

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