Makeup Tips – 3 Steps to Nude Makeup | Makeup Tips Daily

Makeup Tips – 3 Steps to Nude Makeup | Makeup Tips Daily

Makeup Tips – 3 Steps to Nude Makeup

Makeup for Acne Scars

Adolescent years are among the worst years that anyone would ever go through in his or her life. But for the grown woman getting over adolescent may not have been as clear cut as she would have liked. Why do I say such a thing? Because I have often noticed many grown women who still have to deal with damaged acne scarred skin, especially facial acne scars, way past the adolescent age. I myself am one of those women.

For even years after I had grown out of puberty I was still reeling from the lack of self confidence inflicted by years of acne prone skin and even worse acne scars. That is why I have looked long and hard to find the right makeup routine for myself that would at least cover these up when I step out for that casual lunch or glamorous dinner.

Covering up skin flaws in the face is the entire focus of face makeup. And acne scarred skin is by no means an exception from this rule, in fact, makeup for the really scarred or damaged skin is one of the most critical factors for the look of flawless beauty whenever you have to step out. The first basic step of any makeup routine is the foundation application step. Makeup for the acne scarred skin is no exception.

Select a foundation that best matches your skin tone (neither too light nor too dark) and apply it evenly and thinly throughout the entire face. This is the coverage step for all basic makeup applications, but further steps would be required for the face type with more extensive damage or skin discoloration. If you fall into this category, then investing in a good concealer is a must. Small amounts of concealer in the areas only where further coverage is needed does the job seamlessly so long as you blend and smooth the concealer into the foundation smoothly.

Finally, once you achieve the perfect coverage that you have always desired from the moment of your first ever outbreak, you can proceed to set the foundation with a translucent powder that should not add any more tones to your foundation. What many people do not realize is that the foundation is all the makeup that you would ever need for the timeless look of beautiful flawless skin.

While the steps in any makeup routine remain the same with only ever so slight modifications to account for different skin types, the type of makeup that one uses has to be carefully thought out and considered before application. Yes, finding the right color makeup to match the skin tone is very important, and the right color in a different brand should not make much of a difference, but you must remember that the acne prone skin is a lot more sensitive to makeup and other chemicals than any other skin. It is wise therefore to find makeup that is specially formulated with acne prone skin and acne scarring in mind – these should be light and oil free makeup.

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