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Makeup Tips for Dark Skin | Makeup Tips Daily

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

Makeup Manual – How to Apply Eye Makeup

Are you planning to go out for a party tonight? Are you dreaming to be the most talked about lady over there. So don’t leave any stone unturned. If you want to be a treat to watch, then there is nothing but a beautiful eye makeup which helps to do so.

A beautiful eye makeup makes you confident while talking to people in the party. It invites people to look into your eyes which helps to make a better eye contact. Thus it results into an effective communication which helps you to win over people. How many birds have you killed with a single stone? Count it.

Remember, the communication process will fall flat as nobody likes to gaze into dry, dull and colorless eyes. Rather they will close their eyes on you and move on for some else. So there would be nothing left for you except some tears in your eyes.

So it is up to you what to choose, whether a striking eye makeup or some drops of salty water in your eyes. I hope you will go for the former one. So just open your eyes and follow the coming lines ahead, so nobody could close your eyes on you.

Set the Skin : First of all start on a better note. Make your facial skin smooth and attracting. A perfect skin tone highlights your eye makeup. So, the use of foundation and a tinted moisturizer becomes an urgency.

This hides everything which you hate to be seen by others. If something such as pimples is still left over there, then concealers would be your last and final shot. Here comes a beautiful face ready for an upcoming use of eye makeup products.

Undo the Under-eye Circles : Now use a different concealer to get rid of the irritating under-eye circles. Probably, the yellow-tinted works most as it matches almost all skin tones. Repeat as a single coat is not enough to conceal the dull and dark skin of inner corners.

Make Way For Shadow : Many women tend to apply eye shadows without applying eye bases. Though it is not a bad idea to do so, it is better to go for a suitable eye base as it helps to retain the eye shadows for a longer period. Who knows how long the party goes?

Bring the Shadows to Light : 2009 is a year of dark and metallic colors, so why not to choose one of them. Colors like plum, gray, brown and deeper versions of green, apart from some light metallic versions are hot this year.

Bronze and copper will make you look trendy. Apply using a brush gently. If you love to experiment, apply a metallic eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelids with a dark eyeshadow on the sides. This year applying a multi-toned eyeshadow is a hit.

Eye the Eyeliners : Applying eyeliners perfectly is a boon for your eyes. The eyeliners make your eyes beautiful and help you to prevent the mess you can make while applying facial makeup. Clearly, they give you a clear cut boundary.

The eyeliner which you choose must be matching the tone of your eyeshadow. So it is better to use the same eyeshadow as an eyeliner. Dip an eyeliner brush in the eye shadow and apply carefully. In case of multi-toned eyeshadow, apply a dark eyeliner.

Use Highlighters : Though not every time necessary, applying highlighters to the inner corners can be icing on the cake. They make your eyes look more striking and healthier. Applying metallic highlighters shows the best magic. Use a golden or bronze highlighter.

Finish It Up : Your eye makeup session is almost over. But you can further enhance your eyes by applying some suitable mascaras. By doing this you can give your eyelashes a suitable and attracting length and thickness.

Also you must highlight your eyebrows. It gives your eyes a much needed balance. Curling your eyelashes, using an eyelash curler, is another step you must follow.

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