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Makeup Trends Boys Love

Even if it is common to claim that girls want to look hot in order to make their lady-friends envy it is still a fact that we also long for a look that is more than appealing to guys. The following makeup fashion trends boy love will help you select the best makeup colors and designs when it comes of a special event as a romantic date. Moreover you’ll also find out why these trends seem so attractive to the opposite sex. One of the challenging tasks when it comes of building up an A-list look is to choose and ultra-flattering and chic makeup look. Those who are rookies in this modern art might have serious problems. However we are here to help you and reveal all the makeup fashion trends boy love and you can easily pair with your skin tone as well as face shape. Indeed the emphasis should be placed on your best features a thing that varies from one person to another. The secret to still succeed in your selection is to follow some basic principles as presented below. Highlight your best assets and make a smashing impression on boys with these fabulous makeup fashion trends popularized also on the catwalk as well as the red carpet.

Long Eyelashes

Boys are simply mesmerized by a fairy-like glimpse. Therefore it is highly recommended to use a high quality mascara to make the best impression and boost the prominence of these cute accessories in an instant. Those who know the not so complicated way of thinking of boys will know that they are mostly impressed by natural looks rather than a face stuffed with thick layers of makeup fashion products. Instead of going over the limit of good sense with the use of both the makeup base as well as eye shadow and other lip makeup products make sure you keep your look pretty neat and natural. The secret weapon still to stand out from the crowd is to use a high quality mascara that would do magic with your lashes.

Smokey Eyes

When the lights go out and you’re at a nighttime event, it’s advisable to sport a more glittery glam makeup. In this case go for a time-tested and uber-chic trend you’ll find in endless variations. Smokey eyes will do miracles with your evening look. Moreover those who are bold enough to sport it for daytime activities will also have the chance to try their hand at the most stylish daytime smokey eyes designs. Shift the attention to your glimpse and make sure you do it like a lady! Define the shape of your eyes with a refined eyeliner, apply the eyeshadow than crown the whole look with mascara.

Nude Lips

It might seem that red lips the hottest lip makeup fashion trends on the market. However while guys love it on the canvas they might not be that willing to have a closer touch. Instead of staining your full or thinner lips with vibrant shades choose beige as well as nude tones to bring out the best of this spot. Nude lips are perfect for every event and suit all skin tone, therefore feel free to embrace the trend each time you wish to impress a guy. In order to create the desired effect you can use either natural and soothing lip balms, lip glosses or lipsticks in matte and muted colors. Steal the heart of your boyfriend-to-be with some of the most popular nude lips makeup ideas.

Rosy Blush

Natural textures are some of the leading options guys would vote for when it comes of the most attractive makeup. Therefore rely on the cute effect of rosy blush that is also promoted on the runway for both the colder and also warm season. Highlight those cheeks and make sure you apply the blush to the perfect spots. This time choose the cheekbones as the best area to cover with this fab tone. Moreover it is also important how you select the best tone from the infinite color palette. A rose blush would look simply dazzling when embedded into your natural looking makeup. Follow these simple tricks to make sure you know what a boy wants! Choose high quality makeup products and pay special care to color and texture selection to achieve the desired and drop-dead-gorgeous impression.

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