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Making Your Cheating Wife Stop – Will A Marriage Break Really Help?

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Can something as simple as a marriage break work as far as making your cheating wife stop is concerned? Different people have different thoughts on the matter. There are some compelling pros and cons to consider as you decide whether this is the path you want to follow for YOUR marriage.

Pros of Taking a Marriage Break from Your Cheating Wife

Your cheating wife has thrown your nice, normal, and well-ordered world through a flaming loop of uncertainty. You aren’t sure where to go from here and believe that taking a break from marriage, taking a step back from the overwhelming emotions of the situation, might help.

In some cases it can help. But, in order to help you need to have rules, time limits, and a definite end in sight. An indefinite marriage break leaves you both in a state of limbo and does little to help you resolve your feelings for one another.

This time apart, when used properly can have plenty of benefits. First, it gives you both an idea of what life will be like if you aren’t together. Not just in the same house but working together as a team to handle the family, pay the bills, and cope with the demands of the world around you. Second, it gives you a little distance so that you can wrap your mind around what’s happened and deal with it logically rather than emotionally. Finally, it gives you both a little time to evaluate your marriage, your emotions, and where you want your marriage to go if you want it to continue at all.

The Cons of Marriage Breaks After Cheating

Cheating is tough for the best of marriages to handle with both people working together to come to terms with what has happened. At this tenuous time in a marriage, a break can be the worst possible thing – especially if it’s handled poorly.

The problem with a marriage break is that it is often viewed as “time to party” type of strategy that offers no ground rules, no scheduled time to talk, and no specific details about when it should end. Rather than presenting a solution for the marriage, it places the marriage in and indefinite state of limbo.

If you want a marriage break to work you need to sit down together and map out the specifics: when, how long, can you see other people during the break, are you going to get counseling together during the break, how about individual counseling, what are the goals of the break, and how do you know if you should end it sooner?

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