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Pinup Girl Makeup Tutorial | Makeup Tips Daily

Pinup Girl Makeup Tutorial

Now’s the Time to Enter Into the World of Permanent Makeup

If you’re considering permanent makeup for the first time, you’ve got lots of questions. This article will help you to understand why permanent cosmetics should be your new beauty enhancement. With a permanent makeup application there is literally no “down time”, you’ll be ready to show off your new prettier you right after your procedure.

If you are looking for freedom from makeup? Permanent makeup can give you the freedom to look your best at anytime. You can transition immediately from work to an evening out without having to be a slave to the mirror for touch ups; just a quick powder and you’re out the door.

Permanent makeup has now even become a complement to many plastic surgery and dermatology cosmetic enhancements. After a permanent makeup procedure, we frequently hear “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Permanent makeup looks more natural than any topical application of makeup as the pigments become a part of your skin and don’t smear or smudge. It’s an investment that is worthy when done by the right professional… where the results are natural-looking and provide a prettier you.

Here are a few brow shape tips from Melany Whitney, CPCP, DAAM and owner of The Center For Permanent Cosmetics with medical offices in New York City, New Jersey, and Florida.

We’ve interviewed Melany on how she selects a brow shape for a new client. We think that you will find her artistic insight interesting reading.

Interviewer: Melany, you do such a wonderful job on eyebrows, how do you identify what is right for a new client?

Melany: I love doing new brows. Eyebrows add so much to a person’s individual beauty. First, I start with a careful review of the client’s facial bone structure. They can change their hair color and style, but they cannot change the shape of their face, nor the placement of their features such as how close or far apart their eyes are set. (This is also an important point in which to factor in when determining the proper placement for brows.)

There are natural parallels established by drawing imaginary lines from the inner corner of the eye straight up to the inner “bulb” of the brow. Yet with all these “rules”, some are necessary to either “break” or as I prefer, “bend a bit”. Finding this perfect combination of design and reality is found by using the “artistic eye” taking the whole face into account. There is not only balance in determining the position, arch, and placement but artistry to select the correct shape for the face as well.

Heavy and close set brows can give the impression of displeasure or frowning. Just like flat brows can cause the eyes to look smaller and the entire face to appear shorter in length. A very high and arched thin brows is not only outdated but can give an unnatural surprised look, like a “deer caught in a car’s headlights”. With permanent makeup, and the artistic skill that I have honed over the years, I can even narrow or widen a client’s facial appearance cosmetically by just selecting the proper placement of their new permanent eyebrows.

With skill and training a technician should be able to follow the natural “diagonals” of any brow’s hairline or decide on a soft powder fill to compliment the client’s natural head of hair. But what sets me apart from any technician is the wealth of experience and artistic eye to see you how you may not be able to see yourself thereby enhancing your natural beauty.

Color selection of the brow pigment is also important in this ever changing world of hair color, shades, and highlight options. I never use prepackaged formulas. I mix pigments individually for each client’s skin tone. One of the newest techniques I am using is the hair stroke simulation technique giving brows a wonderfully natural look.

I’d like to share with you a comment that one of my clients sent me just this past week via email…

“I wanted to once again express my thanks for the new brows.  It is amazing how much their nonexistence affected my life.  Thanks for the terrific, professional and artistic job you did!”
– High-Powered Woman Executive

They say that eyebrows define the face. Are your brows defining your face to accentuate your beauty? If not, I am here to help give “mother nature” a hand and enhance your personal beauty with artistic skill.

Interviewer: I think that I am ready for a new brow shape just listening to your explanation of how you select a look for each client. May I ask about color? I’ve noticed that in some of the Gallery photos the colors are stronger than I might want on my own brow, is there a solution?

Melany: Thank you for bringing that up. Most of our Gallery photos are taken just after the color implantation procedure. All the colors will soften to a natural look within seven days as part of the skin’s natural healing process. Permanent cosmetics is not an exact science, it is an art.

Joan Freedman is the writer with a professional background in the fashion industry and marketing. She is now the Director for The Center For Permanent Cosmetics with medical offices located in New York City, New Jersey, and Florida. Melany Whitneyâ??s reputation as one of the nationâ??s most accomplished and artistic permanent cosmetic practitioners and trainers has earned her the recognition as the â??voiceâ? of permanent cosmetics by her industry. Her prominence has led to professional associations with top plastic surgeons, and cancer centers. She is an inspiring speaker often featured as an industry expert on national networks and major fashion magazines. For more insight visit

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