Quickest Natural Cures for Skin Care ? Make Your Skin Brighter | Makeup Tips Daily

Quickest Natural Cures for Skin Care ? Make Your Skin Brighter | Makeup Tips Daily

Quickest Natural Cures for Skin Care ? Make Your Skin Brighter

Pinup Girl Makeup Tutorial

Do you have a retro feeling and looking for that flawless look of Kat Von D, Katy Perry or Dita Von Teese? It is easy and fast to make, just fallow some simple steps and enjoy your pinup girl makeup. This look is the perfect mix of innocence and sexy attitude with the most feminine features.

The main idea of a pinup girl makeup is the cat-eye look and the hot red lips.

Makeup Base

Start by cleaning your face in the proper way, use a toner to close the pores and hydrate to make sure your skin is nourished well. You need to do this each time before applying a makeup, and not only. Having a proper skin care routine is important to keep your skin health and to prevent the aging effects.

Than make sure you have a flawless skin. If you don’t have major skin problems, use just a tinted moisturizer and a translucent powder for the matte finish.

In case you have some little flaws to hide, start by applying the concealer to hide the dark under-eye circles, than foundation and make sure it is the shade and texture that matches your skin type. Finish it with some powder to get a matte finish. Don’t forget to blend well, so that your skin would look naturally flawless. And never choose a different shade of makeup base than your natural skin tone, in case you don’t want to get the “mask” effect.

Eye Makeup

Now that you have the perfect matte makeup base, you can start working on your eye makeup. Apply a nude, champagne, toupe or vanilla slightly visible eye shadow on your eye lids. Than mark your upper eyelids with a thin black eyeshadow. Use makeup brushes to make sure you can get as close to your eyelashes as possible.

Now mark your eyes again, this time using the liquid eyeliner. Start from the inner corners of your eyes and go towards the outer corners. Start with the thinest line possible, which you can get thicker later if you want. At the outer corners, make some small tails to get the cat-eye look.

Apply a pair of false eye lashes to emphasize your eyes, than a slight touch of black eyeshadow on your eyelids again to correct the line if necessary after applying the lashes. It will also make the line softer, so if you prefer it strong and high contrasted, than stay at the eyeliner. But marking your eyes again is a must do to cover the band of the false lashes.

Curl your lashes and apply plenty of mascara.

Fill your eyebrows with a matte eyeshadow in only one shade darker than your natural lashes. This will emphasize your eyebrows and make them have a perfectly polished look. Use a makeup brush to do the best job.

Hottest Lips

To make sure you’ll have the most polished perfect hot lips, use a lip liner to contour your lips. This will keep the lipstick away from smudging, and if you want to make it long lasting, use the lip liner as a base to. Apply the lipstick and blot well before applying a second coat. Blot blot blot and you’re ready to charm.

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