The Use of Natural Face Lift Massage to Help Combat Ageing | Makeup Tips Daily

The Use of Natural Face Lift Massage to Help Combat Ageing | Makeup Tips Daily

The Use of Natural Face Lift Massage to Help Combat Ageing

Stand Out With 1980s Makeup

Anyone with a passing knowledge of fashion knows that the eighties are one of the most interesting periods in the industry, especially when it came to makeup. At the time, most women were just getting used to their newfound freedom, and many chose to show it by dressing and making up as boldly as possible. The result was one of the most extravagant makeup styles in decades, and one that continues to be remembered and celebrated today. If you’re looking for a makeup style that stands out, the 80s are no doubt your best bet.

Of course, like any makeup fashion trend, it takes good taste and creative flair to make this style work for you. Sure, it’s all about excess and boldness, but you also have to take your own look and style into account. It’s not just about putting on clothes and makeup from the 80s; it’s about using elements from the period to highlight your natural features. But that doesn’t mean it’s hard; it just takes a bit of planning. This guide offers a few tips and tricks on using 80s makeup to glam up your everyday look, without going overboard.

A smooth visage
Foundations in the past few years have gotten considerably light, with some even reduced to sheer tints instead of colors. This is especially true as subtle Asian makeup has become the latest fad. For your 80s makeup, however, you’ll need the opposite: a rich foundation that provides perfect coverage and creates a smooth, contoured finish. Instead of liquid or loose powder, pick a cream or stick foundation that you can rub generously and contour.

Choose a shade that’s a shade or two darker than your usual foundation. This allows you to create some contours, rather than apply a flat color throughout your face. The jaw line, hairline, the sides of the nose, and the hollows of the cheeks should be properly outlined so you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask. Finish it up with a touch of bright pink blush, starting from the apples of your cheeks and going diagonally up to your hairline

Bold, vibrant eyes

Eye makeup was no doubt the defining element of the 80s look. One word to sum it up is loud: the colors simply pop out of the picture and practically beg to be noticed. Take your cue from cheerleader makeup, with colored eye shadow in glittery shades and thick, solid finishes. Blue, pink, green and purple were some of the most popular colors. Spread it up to your brow bone, and taper a bit at the outer corners to give it a more dramatic effect.

One of the most popular products at the time was mica, a reflective mineral that came in vibrant colors and provided a glittery finish. This can be a good choice if your skin does not take well to heavy makeup. Since it’s a light powder, it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin as most eye shadows tend to do. You can also find mica body glitter, which can be great for evening events. Most powders last about 14 years, so don’t worry about it expiring.

Bright lipstick
Again, here’s where the word subtle goes out the window. Eighties lipstick is meant to be noticed, not take the backseat—even if your eyes already have all the attention. Start with a lip liner to define your lips and prevent the color from bleeding, and follow up with the lipstick itself. Bright red or pink usually work best. For winter makeup, you can also add a bit of gloss or glitter on top of the color. It’s also great for making thin lips look fuller.

Make sure to choose the right shade for your skin tone. For dark skin, go for mocha, coffee and other natural colors. Fair-skinned people can usually pull off any shade, although it depends on the undertone as well. Cool skin tones look best with mauve and blue-based reds, while orange-red and rose shades are recommended for warm skin.

After the party…
As you probably know by now, eighties makeup fashion is heavy—and that means a bit more stress on your skin than usual. When you’re wearing that much makeup, make sure not to keep it on too long, or they’ll start to clog your pores and may cause irritation. At the end of the day, wash it off with a good face makeup remover and make sure to deep-clean. It may take more than one wash to get all the makeup off, depending on how much there is. Your lips may also need a separate remover, as most lipsticks are made to be waterproof. And since you’re wearing lip liner and probably lip gloss in addition, you may also need multiple washes. For both the face and lips, choose a remover that contains moisturizers to help your skin regenerate.

80′s Fashion Made Easy
The eighties were an interesting time in many respects, and fashion is no exception. As women found more freedom both in and out of the workplace, they began experimenting more: trying out new cuts, choosing bolder colors, baring more skin. The result was a fashion trend that was far from subtle and infinitely creative. Big and shiny, vibrant and colorful—there’s really no limit to what you can do with 80′s fashion. That’s why today, nearly three decades later, we haven’t gone tired of it and are even trying to bring it back.

So how do you create the eighties look with today’s modern picks? The first and perhaps most important thing to remember is color—lots of it, and in shades that all but scream for attention. It may seem a bit too much against the neutral pieces that women prefer today, but that’s the whole point: to bring life to your wardrobe and really make it pop. Pair a bright, patterned sweater dress with black nylons, or wear bold stripes with your plain jeans to give it a bit of variety. Just mix and match items until you find a good mix.

Next, you’ll need to wear some jewelry. No woman in the eighties went out without an accessory or two to complete their look. Big hoop earrings and double-strand necklaces were very popular, as were other pieces featuring pearls, gold and silver. Since your top or dress is probably in a bold color, you can tone it down a bit with the jewelry. Choose a more neutral piece that will go with even the most vibrant colors, such as white or black.

Finally, put some glam into your makeup fashion routine. Casual office makeup just won’t cut it; you want something really elaborate and colorful. People like to describe 80′s makeup as “painting your face”—and we’re talking thick, creamy foundation with generous amounts of eye shadow. Mica was a popular product because it had a smooth metallic finish and came in all the brightest shades. Complete your look with red lipstick or a touch of gloss.


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