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Tips For Eye Make Up

Suzanne Somers Spray-on Makeup: Your Ticket to Perfect Skin

Want to look perfect without wearing makeup? Unless youâ??re under 10 years old or were born with incredible genes, itâ??s probably not going to happen. Yet, with some foundations, it is possible to look both perfect and like youâ??re not wearing makeup. The problem is finding the right products. Most full-coverage foundations, which effectively cover lines and imperfections, tend to look cakey and fake. But most of the foundations that fade invisibly into skin are just that: invisible. They provide sheer coverage that leaves lines, pores, and imperfections almost fully visible.

Fortunately, there is a middle ground. One product you may have heard of is spray on cosmetics. This is the kind of foundation that professional makeup artists use to give their clients perfect-looking skin. While in the past this product wasnâ??t easy to obtain, now you can get that flawless movie-star perfection at home with Suzanne Somers Spray-On MakeUp Professional Foundation. This makeup is the best thing out there– at about half the price of expensive spray on brands such as Dior (with a hefty price tag).

What make Suzanneâ??s Spray-On MakeUp so special? When sprayed from its aerosol can, the fine, tiny particles of foundation settle into and perfectly cover fine lines and pores, giving your face a perfect, airbrushed look. This foundation provides incredible full-coverage with a natural, flawless finish– it looks like youâ??re not wearing any makeup at all. This spray on foundation is also water-based, so it wonâ??t clog pores or lead to breakouts. In fact, Suzanneâ??s Spray On Make Up formula is 40% water, so it will moisturize skin while providing perfect, breathable coverage.

Applying Suzanneâ??s Spray-On MakeUp

Suzanne Somers Spray On Make Up comes in a wide variety of shades, from cool tones to warm, golden tones. At itâ??s easy to find the right shade for you by comparing the depth and color of your tone to the models for each shade. You can either pick a shade that perfectly matches your skin, or try one a little darker for a natural-looking tan.

Once you have your shade, you might want to think about starting off with Suzanneâ??s Spray-On Primer. While the spray on foundation itself provides plenty of coverage, the primer gives you an even more perfect canvas to start with. The primer and the spray on make up are applied in exactly the same way. First, put your hair back with a headband (you can get a great one with your spray on foundation) and a towel over your chest and shoulders. Shake the can very well, then give your face a light spray with the foundation. Lightly dab your skin with a puff, andâ?¦ perfect. Youâ??re ready to go.

Aditi Miscall is a Independent Suzanne Somers Sales Consultant and sells a wide variety of SUZANNE Products, like the FaceMaster, SomerSweet, Spray On Makeup and the ThighMaster.