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The 411 on Permanent Eye Make Up

Times sure are getting faster and faster and most people don’t really have time to do much, let alone concern themselves with vanity. But for those who wish for a quicker everyday beauty routine, there’s a great solution to your dilemma and that is permanent eye make up. Remember that the focal point of your face is your eyes so it doesn’t matter if everything else is kept simple as long as you have dramatic looking eyes. Even the sleepiest looking person in the world would look fresh and very much awake with this cosmetic style. Remember folks, this doesn’t involve any surgery so don’t freak out just yet.

I’m sure a lot of you ladies out there hate the daily beauty routine and many of us don’t really have time for it anymore. But, can you really step out of the house looking haggard and tired without your “face” on? I know you think natural beauty should be allowed to shine but for the work place, one must always present a good self image and your everyday beauty routine can give you that. Permanent eye make up is perfect for those people who want to look made-up minus the hassle of doing it yourself every morning. Unlike your other cosmetic products that smudge when you accidentally wipe it or fade off just a few hours after application, thus the need for retouches, getting it done permanently would not only save you time but money as well. That’s one less product you’d have to buy!

People who suffer from allergies due to cosmetic products can benefit from it too and is actually one of the top reasons why people opt to get theirs done. If you don’t have the skills to apply your own makeup but want to have some on, then this is also great for you! If you can’t draw a straight line on paper without a ruler then you shouldn’t be drawing one on your eyelids. You don’t want crooked and uneven looking lines on your lids, I’m sure of that. Permanent eye make up would solve that for you. Do note that it’s not just the eyes that you can get done. This procedure is also available for the eye brows for people who want to add more definition to their brows or to cover up hair loss as well as the enhancement of the lips for those who want fuller and more defined lips.

How is the procedure done? It is actually a tattoo. The process of application uses an ink; usually vegetable based, and is administered to the skin through a tattooing needle which is commonly used in cosmetic procedures. It usually requires about two treatments and a yearly touch up would be required to maintain the color and the vividness of the tattoo. For Permanent eye make up, it can be applied as an eye liner or as an eye shadow. Eye liner tattoos can be done by any certified technician from an outpatient facility that does it. However, the eye shadow can be trickier and would need some real expertise. So look for someone who is not only certified but someone who also has a great amount of experience in dealing with it.

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