What Is gloMinerals Makeup? | Makeup Tips Daily

What Is gloMinerals Makeup? | Makeup Tips Daily

What Is gloMinerals Makeup?

Understanding the Process of Permanent Makeup Application – the Good and the Bad of it

There are things that we want to be temporary in life. Like in the case of suffering and heartaches, we want these things to end right away. Sometimes, when your satisfaction is not met, things can become temporary too. However, just as there are things that we want to stay in a short span of time, there are also things that we want to stay forever. These stuff or even feelings are pleasurable. There is much satisfaction in it, that you do not want it to be changed or exchanged with anything else in the world. Comfort, happiness, love, treasures, abundance and anything positive are things that we want to have until we die.

Permanence is hard to achieve. That is because times are changing and everything is dynamic in the world. However, beauty can be timeless and it can make the world stand still. Have you ever watched breath-taking view on top of a hill? It stops time. Physical beauty on the other hand can change and its levels vary according to age. It can wear out together with our physiologic deterioration, genetic problems or accidents. Despite of it all, these defective beauties can still be remedied with the use of permanent makeup.

Yes, some of us have nice cheekbones, great eye color, natural pouting pinkish lips or the perfect nose. However, problems in beauty can happen in other parts of your body like your skin. Some accidentally loose their hair on their eyebrows and it takes time to grow them back while others suffer pigmentation that causes an imbalance on the look. This method can really help achieve high self-esteem and gives you a good body image at times when you think your problems cannot be solved.

Tattooing is the technique in applying this method. Yes, they are just like the dragons, snakes and other hard-core graphics that people place on their arm, legs and other parts of the body. The only different is that the tattoo will be applied in the areas on the face to help the user to put a permanent color on the structures on the face.

How is it done? Definitely, the same as any tattoo application. It involves puncturing your skin with organic pigments. Is it painful? It all depends on your pain tolerance but as many people find it, tattooing just stings a lot. This is probably what they meant when they quoted “beauty knows no pain”.

What are the probably downsides? If you are hypersensitive, then the use of these organic pigments can cause allergic reaction to your skin. Therefore, you should be careful. If it could not appear now, it may be later. On top of that, to perform this permanent makeup, needles are involved. Therefore, you need to be sure on where you will be performing it because it can pose high risk incidence of HIV transmission or possible infection from other disease. You have to be sure that the needles used are sterilized. Therefore, it requires you to be meticulous at all times. One more thing, since you will be punctured, the part of your face will be swollen for a bit. Do not worry this is the temporary part and it simply goes away leaving you a permanent shade of your preferred color. But this could be a painful experience, so be ready for it.

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